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Daniel Tours America
Suzanne Gadilhé (15th Aug 2008)
Great conclusion honey!! can't wait to see you next weekend and catch up in the real world, rather than just virtually

who on earth found you rude??!! i truly can't imagine it for a second!

McM (15th Aug 2008)
Re: Conclusion

I'm happy that you found real Americans in your travels on which to base your opinions. I at least knew you weren't "rude", America is also a place full of people waiting to be offended by something. You found them, too. We value your opinion, Daniel, even if we don't seem to want to hear it sometimes. Hopefully you'll take what you've found back to the UK and spread it around some. Good luck; we hope to see your "Daniel Tours Europe/Africa/Middle East/Asia/Pacific" pages soon! Hope you weren't taken on your car sale! Good luck in your job hunt!
Claudio (11th Aug 2008)
We were so busy with the Singapore National Day...
... that we ignored 9th August is a day to remember for a more important reason! Happy birthday young man!
Suzanne (9th Aug 2008)
Well done!
I've loved reading your blog round america and am rather sad that its now come to an end!!

really looking forward to seeing you in a fortnight though, and hope you have a fab birthday today

Laura (6th Aug 2008)
Dan is back in Georgia
Dan called a while ago as he was crossing back in to Georgia. He should be at our place in the next hour hopefully!!
Mum (6th Aug 2008)
Dad and I are very proud of all that you have achieved on your trip. As an independent traveller, you have seen and done a tremendous amount, and kept safe too. It has certainly been a once in a lifetime trip, and we can't wait till you are home. Well done Dan!! x x x x
Amanda (6th Aug 2008)
All done!
Wow! What a trip. I bet your exhausted. I wish I was in Atlanta to welcome you back. Maybe we can meet up when you get back home. xxx
Laura (5th Aug 2008)
See you tomorrow
We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow Dan!!
Suzanne (5th Aug 2008)
Name that song...
Ol' 55 ???
McM (3rd Aug 2008)
DC Parade
When will you be rolling back into Atlanta? We'll hold a parade in your honor!