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My movies (video diary)
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4th Aug 2008Hot Springs
27th Jul 2008Airblades
24th Jul 2008Name that song
24th Jul 2008Hi. I'm in Delaware.
24th Jul 2008Driving in Manhattan
30th Jun 2008Turnpikes
27th Jun 2008Lemurs grooming
27th Jun 2008Take me out to the ball park
27th Jun 2008Chicago at midnight
21st Jun 2008Night out in Minneapolis
20th Jun 2008The Badlands
18th Jun 2008Yellowstone sounds
11th Jun 2008Snowy Mount Rainier
8th Jun 2008Salt Water Taffy
7th Jun 2008Crater Lake, Oregon
6th Jun 2008Sunset over the pacific
6th Jun 2008Humboldt Lagoons
4th Jun 2008Babbage's difference engine demo
2nd Jun 2008Lidsink toilets
1st Jun 2008Weird seatbelts
31st May 2008Accomodation
31st May 2008Thoughts on a road trip
9th May 2008Panorama of Needles inner scanctum