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22nd Apr 2008
New Orleans and Baton Rouge

Last day in New Orleans. I went to the Louisiana State museum, which was OK but could have had better explanations of the state's interesting history.  My $4 lunch consisted of bread and smoked fish from a deli, enjoyed while listening to a jazz band on Decatur St.

I then drove to Baton Rouge.  This was one of the few occasions where the freeway, I-10, was more interesting than the side roads.  Much of the freeway was through swamps and overflow of swamp into lake.  On the other hand, the side roads were just light after light.

Baton Rouge, "red stick", is so-named because a European settler noticed a bear heads and fish heads stuck on top of red poles here.  These were marking the boundry of hunting rights between two native peoples.

I couch-surfed on Tuesday night with a very interesting LSU student.  He plays guitar and after we went out for a few beers we jammed until late. 

 Today (Weds) I will explore Baton Rouge, in particular LSU (Lousiana State Uni), and then head halfway to Houston.

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Diary Photos


Dormitary, NOLA hostel

Back yard, NOLA hostel

Pool, NOLA hostel

Common room, NOLA hostel

Lousiana money

Church, Jackson sq, NOLA

Lousiana State museum

Street car, NOLA

Obama family, NOLA

Hawaii plate

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