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Crater Lake, OR
7th Jun 2008
Crater Lake National Park

Today I drove from California to Crater Lake in Oregon.

I'd spent nearly three weeks in California, and had travelled the length and bredth, but now it was time to move to a new state, my first time entering a virgin state in 5 weeks:  Oregon.

The drive over the mountains was great, it was amazing to see in just a single range of mountains how the flora changes from tall evergreens to meadows and decidious trees.  In fact the cow-parsley and horse chestnut-like trees reminded me of beautiful Britain.    Oregon is a world away from California, not just in gas prices (ah, back down to ~$4, hurrah!), but in the industries.  Northern California seems to have no agricultiure whatsoever, but Oregon is covered in beautiful meadows, with or without cattle in.  The houses are different, generally they're one-storey painted wooden farm houses. 


Crater Lake is a lake atop a mountain.  Nearly 8000 years ago a volcano erupted and then collapsed in on itself, after which the recess filled with deep clear water.  The colour of the lake is a wonderful deep blue, and its waters are mirror-still, allowing the rim and the mountains to be reflected in it.  The entire park was covered in snow, up to 10 feet deep, and so the steep banks were both granite-grey and snow-wqhite at the same time.  Perhaps the most beautiful lake I've ever seen.

I was most diappointed that the park had not ploughed (plowed) the majority of the rim road and none of the hiking trails.  Nor did they hire snow-shoes or skis.  Therefore after a few snaps my time at the park was over; had I paid the $20 entry rather than using my annual pass I would have been rather miffed. 

As per the video I decided to descend down to where there was no snow to spend the night.  It was still freezing cold though.

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Crater Lake, OR

Crater Lake, OR

Crater Lake, OR

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Crater Lake, Oregon

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