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Glacier NP, Montana
16th Jun 2008
Glacier National Park; driving Montana

I complete the last stretch of the journey up to Glacier National Park, which shared a border with Alberta, Canada.
The park was great, but I was frustrated that the management had not ploughed the road through the park, meaning it was closed.  I happened to be trapped in the half where there were no glaciers, and was annoyed, angry actually, that I had to drive over 2 hours around the edge of the park to be on the correct (Eastern) side of the pass.  I saw some glaciers, but to be honest they could have simply been piles of smooth snow.  Had they been naked they would have been more impressive.
I took a hike up a gorge until snow blocked my path, but this snow had formed a natural bridge (an arch) over the stream.  Adjacent to the stream, in between the snow, were Alpine-like meadows of colourful wildflowers.

After leaving Glacier I drove what I hoped would be a few hours toward Bozeman in the south of Montana, near Yellowstone. The scenery changed incredibly quickly; just an hour from the park I was in the middle of grass prairie, driving long needle-straight roads of gentle hills. There was even the odd silo too. Strangely, despite there being such an abundance of grassland just a tiny fraction was grazed.

The scenery changed towards the centre of the state, as I drove though a rocky pass and passed the aptly-named Castle Rock.  The entire range looked like it had once been the fantasy castle of a long-dead giant king, with castle-like formations, battlements along the edge of the cliffs, and equally-spaced shrubs along the top of the cliff that looked like petrified sentry guards.

As I drove I called to make a booking for the night, but was out of luck with all the I90 corridor towns. In the end my salvation was a shared room in a hotel in West Yellowstone, 90 miles south of Bozeman just a stone's throw from the park.  In the end I had another exhausting 7 hour drive, arriving in the dark.

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Diary Photos

Glacier NP, Montana

Glacier district, Montana

Gorge, Glacier NP, Montana

Snow bridge, Glacier NP, Montana

Wildflowers, Glacier NP, Montana

Gorge, Glacier NP, Montana

Prairie, Montana

Prairie, Montana

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