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Grandpa`s guns, Madison, WI
24th Jun 2008
Madison, Wisconsin

It would appear that Colin was right.  The women here in Wisconsin are incredibly good looking. 

Madison is the capital city of the state and a university town, situated between several large lakes so that it feels like it's on an island.   It's cool without being scruffy, liberal without being krusty, and young without being immature.

After a huge cooked breakfast from my hosts Ralph and Alma I strolled into town along the narrow strip of land between the lakes, reaching the State Capitol just in time for a tour.  The building was much the same as most other capitols, but was still good to see from the inside.  It's particularly ornate, with an awful lot of imported marble and gold leaf (to stop it burning like the previous one did).

I then walked up and down the main street, State Street, toward the university, stopping in a museum on the way.  My lunch was some cheese from one of the many local dairies.  I tried to protest that this orange cheddar should not be considered Wisconsin's typical cheese, since real cheddar is white and is matured in Cheddar, UK, but it fell on deaf ears.


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Diary Photos

Grandpa`s guns, Madison, WI

Capitol, Madison, WI

Panama canal painting, Representatives House, Madison, WI

View of Madison from the Capitol, WI

Cheese shop, Madison, WI

Cheese for lunch, Madison, WI

Lake, Madison, WI

State Street and Capitol, Madison, WI

Couch surfing hosts, Madison, WI

Stuffed coyote, "Northern Bar", Madison, WI

How the States voted, WI

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