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Dog on drip, vet`s, Columbus, OH
30th Jun 2008
Columbus, Ohio

Today I managed to add yet another odd place to my collection.  Today I saw the inside of an animal hospital, including the ER, the operating room, and the ICU.  They say that the English love their pets more than they love their cousins, but I think this doesn't do justice to the affection that Americans have. The hospital could have been for people were it not for the cages, rather than beds, in the wards. 

My friend Meg is a nurse at the hospital and she showed me the behind-the-scenes show.  I saw dogs on drips, a puppy being operated upon by three people, a cat in a hyperbaric chamber, and dogs connected to TV screens that showed their vital statistics like heart and breathing rate.  It was really quite unbelievable that the quality of the care for pets - for PETS - is better than it is for many people, here and in poorer countries.


After this we strolled around Columbus, which is a nice city despite the weather being very English.  We went along the main road (called "High Street" and not "Main Street" - hurrah!) to the river, where the city has a replica of Columbus' ship the Santa Maria. We took the dog for a long walk by the lake and dined.   The evening out never materialised.  I cut my hair with dog clippers.


I have just been told that my snapping pics in the hospital was illegal, because it breaches the confidentiality of the pets.   Ahem.

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Diary Photos

Dog on drip, vet`s, Columbus, OH

Puppy being operated upon, vet`s, Columbus, OH

Dog stats monitor, vet`s, Columbus, OH

Gay Street, Columbus, OH

State Capitol, Columbus, OH

City mural, Columbus, OH

Olentangy river, Columbus, OH

Flags, Columbus, OH

Santa Maria, Columbus, OH

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