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Maine lighthouse, Portland, ME
9th Jul 2008
The Maine Coast to Boston

Last night after blogging I ate my winkles (there will be a video soon) and then watched a movie in the hostel. It was nice to enjoy some camaraderie in the place, as many hostel do not have such a good atmosphere.

I drove down the coast from Maine, back through a section of New Hampshire, and into Massachusetts for the first time ever.  Since I had all day to get there I dawdled and used the coast roads rather than interstates.  However by 5pm the idiot drivers and ridiculously-managed intersections (God bless Milton Keynes' roundabouts) I gave up on the back roads idea and hit the freeway, which brought me nicely into Boston.

I drove over a very cool suspension bridge (single set of cables, but mounted on two pairs of tripods) and made my way to Jamaica Plains, where I was surfing with a couple of pharmacy students.  Luckily they didn't make me wait 15 minutes between my ringing the doorbell and their opening it, just to "check that I had been given the correct apartment number". Yes, Zaid, this is a jibe at you.

My host Eve and I went out for dinner and drinks and met up with another surfer girl.  She was brave, at age 20 she had just finished 4 months' missionary work in The Bronx.  It's a small world, it turns out that she is staying with the same girl that I will be staying with Friday and Saturday.  We both knew of eachothers' existence in terms of there being an incoming/outgoing guest, but I put the paper trial together when some facts were revealed.  Weird.

We were surrounded by people dressed in the latest fashion.  This is too scruffy to be Bo-Ho but too clean to be gutter-punk.  I learned that the name of the fashion is "hipster", and it is characterised by unbelievably tight drainpipe jeans, skinny little teeshirts, and scruffy hair, very much like the character Mark Renton from Trainspotting. They all ride special hipster bikes, which are normal racing bikes but with only one gear.

After drinks we went for ice-cream and I saw one random girl eating an ice-cream that was as big as her head. I had "Cherry Ortiz" flavour, a play on "Cherry Garcia" using the name of a local sportsman.


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Diary Photos

Maine lighthouse, Portland, ME

Costal fortifications, Portland, ME

Cool bridge, Boston, MA

Huge ice-cream, Boston, MA

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