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Beacon Hill, Boston, MA
12th Jul 2008
Boston: Beacon Hill and the waterfront

After a long sleep on a short sofa I did an overdue and overpriced load of laundry.  From the "laundromat" I walked along the river, passed sunbathers and joggers, to Beacon Hill, a fashionable distict in the town centre.

This part of the city is reminiscent of various Chelsea mewses, an image which is helped by the evident rule that states that merchants cannot use their own colours on their logos, rather must use gold.  So every single shop, even Seven-Eleven, has a gold facade.  Very classy.

I went to the waterfront and read with a beer for a few hours, then meandered back to Qunincy Market.  This is a food hall with about 50 different shops, all competing for the tourists' business, meaning that the food is very cheap.  I had a pound of BBQ beef, 2 side dishes and a drink for $12.

 That's aboutit for today, nothing amazingly exciting.  Tomorrow I am going to "the cape", i.e. Cape Cod. 

If you're fond of sand dunes and salty air....

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Diary Photos

Beacon Hill, Boston, MA

Beacon Hill, Boston, MA

Beacon Hill, Boston, MA

Beacon Hill, Boston, MA

Long Wharf, Boston, MA

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