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Mayflower II, Plymouth, MA
13th Jul 2008
Provincetwon and Plymouth Rock, Cape Cod

Do you remember that scene in The Simpsons when Homer thinks that Bart is gay and tries to straighten him out by taking to a nice hardworking manly steel mill.  It turns out that all the workers are gay.  As Homer's jaw drops Bart asks him why he had been brought to a gay steel mill, and Homer sobs that he didn't know.

Welcome to Provincetown.

I had been recommended this "picturesque village" on the very tip of the cape, and since I wanted to see Cape Cod I was keen to go.  As I pulled up I saw lots of rainbow flags and wondered to myself about the naivety of the owners, not knowing what this flag symbolises.  Then in the hostel there were only immaculately-manicured and coiffured pretty-boys. 

It turns out that Provincetown is a gay resort.  Perhaps even America's gayest gay resort.  Ooops.  Someone had mentioned this fact to me but I had either forgotten or assumed that it would be no more flamboyant than San Francisco.  How wrong I was.

Not only were there no women apart from the odd girl there with her family, but I had visited in the middle of "Bear Week."  Apparently a "bear" is a large hairy gay man... the place was crawling with them.

On the main strip at night there were drag queens, convincing or otherwise; endless bears, "cubs" (a young bear), "twinks"  (good-looking clean-shaven men), and sight-seers like myself.  I went to see some drag karioke and get a bite to eat, but I really didn't fancy attending the Vault or Purgatory night clubs.

Before reaching Provincetown I stopped at Plymouth to see the world-famous Plymouth Rock.  I assumed that this rock was a large cliff or similar, but in actual fact it is simply a rock.  A boulder about 5 feet long with "1620" carved on it.   In the words of Alexis de Tocqueville, who would have known that the foot falls of a "few outcasts" would make it so famous.

Plymouth itself is a very nice town, with old mills, stocks, 17C houses and a lovely park housing the rock. 

One the downside my latest run-in with the motoring authorities:  I returned to my car to find a note alledging that I had dinged the adjacent car as I parked.  Sadly a cop was nearby and wrote me up.  I visited the station and they gave me some paperwork to complete, but no fine.  

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Diary Photos

Mayflower II, Plymouth, MA

Flag on the Mayflower II, Plymouth, MA

Plymouth, MA

Plymouth Rock, Plymouth, MA

Old mill, Plymouth, MA

Old stocks, Plymouth, MA

Drag Queen, Provincetown, MA

Main strip, Provincetown, MA

Beach, Provincetown, MA

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