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Liberty Enlightening the World, NYC
23rd Jul 2008
New York day 6: Broadway show

Today was spent mostly in darkness.  My first stint was during a musical on Broadway.  I saw Mamma Mia, a musical set to the songs of Abba, at the Winter Garden theatre on Broadway itself. 

On Monday I'd visited the discount ticket stall to try to pick up a ticket, for any show, at a discount rate.  It turns out that they sell the super-great $120 tickets at half price, and do not sell the cheaper tickets at all.  So rather than waiting all day for the ticket stall I went to the box office of a show that I really fancied.  There I looked into getting the super-cheap, standing-only tickets, purchasable only 2 hours before the curtain.  In the end I decided not to risk missing  the opportunity just for the sake of $40, so bought a regular ticket.  And I am very glad I did, the place was full to the rafters.

The show was excellent, I thoroughly recommend it for anyone who likes good music and dancing.  By the encore I, indeed everyone, was dancing.  I won't ruin the plot, but will say that the songs fit perfectly with the narration without feeling like they were forced.  Three main characters, a Yank, and Brit and an Aussie, were  very funny.  The guy doing the British accent did an excellent job, but the Aussie sounded like the typical "American doing an Aussie accent" - ie. terrible.  Surprise surprise, the British character turns out to be gay, a recurring light-hearted joke that the Yanks like to pull.


After this I went to meet up with a couch-surfing girl who'd answered my "help!  need company!" plea.  She had free cinema tickets and we saw American Teen (very good) before going to Chinatown for some tea.   I'd never before tried "bubble tea" or "tea eggs".  The former is a delicious hot or cold creamy iced tea-like drink with tapioca at the bottom, sucked through a wide-bore straw.  It tasted great but felt like eating frog-spawn.  Tea eggs are vile and taste neither of tea nor eggs.

We were caught in a brilliant thunderstorm on the way back and were soaked to the bone - not a problem normally, as the rain was warm, but stepping onto the air-conned train made me freeze.

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Diary Photos

Liberty Enlightening the World, NYC

Dan being Enlightened by Liberty, NYC

Key of marks, Ellis Island, NYC

Trinity Church framed by Wall Street, NYC

Federal Reserve Bank, NYC

Mamma Mia, Broadway, NYC

Tea eggs, Chinatown, NYC

Bubble tea, Chinatown, NYC

Bubble tea drinker, Chinatown, NYC

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