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Daniel Tours America
This is the map of my trip. The red lines show my journey so far, and the dotted lines show my future route. Move your mouse over a larger dot and you can see the name of the stop and date of my arrival. Click a place on the right to change your view. You can see all my stops under the map. World  Africa  Asia  Australasia  C.America  Caribbean  Europe  India  N.America  S.America  S.East Asia  United Kingdom 

My Stops
13th Aug 2008    Totternhoe    United Kingdom
6th Aug 2008    Atlanta    USA
6th Aug 2008    St. Louis    USA
5th Aug 2008    Kansas City    USA
5th Aug 2008    Wichita    USA
5th Aug 2008    Tulsa    USA
4th Aug 2008    Hot Springs National Park    USA
4th Aug 2008    Little Rock    USA
2nd Aug 2008    Memphis    USA
31st Jul 2008    Nashville    USA
30th Jul 2008    Lexington    USA
30th Jul 2008    Charleston    USA
28th Jul 2008    Washington    USA
28th Jul 2008    Arlington National Cemetery    USA
27th Jul 2008    Washington    USA
26th Jul 2008    Baltimore    USA
24th Jul 2008    Philadelphia    USA
17th Jul 2008    New York    USA
16th Jul 2008    New Haven    USA
15th Jul 2008    Providence    USA
14th Jul 2008    Marthas Vineyard    USA
13th Jul 2008    Provincetown    USA
9th Jul 2008    Boston    USA
7th Jul 2008    Bar Harbor    USA
6th Jul 2008    New Hampshire    USA
5th Jul 2008    Vermont    USA
4th Jul 2008    Niagara Falls    USA
4th Jul 2008    Buffalo    USA
2nd Jul 2008    Cleveland, OH    USA
1st Jul 2008    Detroit    USA
29th Jun 2008    Columbus    USA
28th Jun 2008    Indianapolis    USA
25th Jun 2008    Chicago    USA
23rd Jun 2008    Madison    USA
21st Jun 2008    Minneapolis    USA
20th Jun 2008    Mount Rushmore National Memorial    USA
20th Jun 2008    Badlands National Park    USA
19th Jun 2008    Rapid City    USA
19th Jun 2008    Grand Teton National Park    USA
17th Jun 2008    Yellowstone National Park    USA
16th Jun 2008    Glacier National Park    USA
14th Jun 2008    Olympia    USA
13th Jun 2008    Forks    USA
13th Jun 2008    Olympic National Park    USA
13th Jun 2008    Redmond    USA
12th Jun 2008    Seattle    USA
11th Jun 2008    Mount Rainier National Park    USA
8th Jun 2008    Portland    USA
8th Jun 2008    Salem    USA
8th Jun 2008    Depoe Bay    USA
8th Jun 2008    Newport    USA
8th Jun 2008    Florence    USA
7th Jun 2008    Crater Lake National Park    USA
5th Jun 2008    Redwood National Park    USA
5th Jun 2008    Napa    USA
4th Jun 2008    San Francisco    USA
4th Jun 2008    Palo Alto    USA
4th Jun 2008    Mountain View    USA
3rd Jun 2008    San Francisco    USA
3rd Jun 2008    Mountain View    USA
2nd Jun 2008    Cambria    USA
2nd Jun 2008    Carmel-by-the-Sea    USA
2nd Jun 2008    Monterey    USA
31st May 2008    Santa Cruz    USA
31st May 2008    San Jose    USA
30th May 2008    Merced    USA
29th May 2008    Yosemite National Park    USA
29th May 2008    Kings Canyon National Park    USA
28th May 2008    Sequoia National Park    USA
25th May 2008    Los Angeles    USA
24th May 2008    Joshua Tree National Park    USA
20th May 2008    San Diego    USA
20th May 2008    Felicity    USA
18th May 2008    Phoenix    USA
18th May 2008    Winslow    USA
17th May 2008    Flagstaff    USA
13th May 2008    Grand Canyon    USA
13th May 2008    Monument Valley    USA
11th May 2008    Zion National Park    USA
9th May 2008    Bryce Canyon National Park    USA
8th May 2008    Capitol Reef National Park    USA
8th May 2008    Natural Bridges National Monument    USA
7th May 2008    Canyonlands National Park    USA
4th May 2008    Arches National Park    USA
3rd May 2008    Mesa Verde National Park    USA
3rd May 2008    Four Corners    USA
1st May 2008    Albuquerque, NM    USA
1st May 2008    Carlsbad Caverns National Park    USA
30th Apr 2008    Carlsbad    USA
29th Apr 2008    Plano    USA
29th Apr 2008    Fort Worth    USA
28th Apr 2008    Dallas    USA
26th Apr 2008    Austin    USA
26th Apr 2008    San Antonio    USA
24th Apr 2008    Houston    USA
23rd Apr 2008    Lake Charles    USA
22nd Apr 2008    Baton Rouge    USA
20th Apr 2008    New Orleans    USA
19th Apr 2008    Biloxi    USA
19th Apr 2008    Fairhope    USA
18th Apr 2008    Pensacola    USA
18th Apr 2008    Destin    USA
17th Apr 2008    Panama City    USA
16th Apr 2008    Tallahassee    USA
16th Apr 2008    Okefenokee Swamp    USA
13th Apr 2008    Brunswick    USA
14th Jan 2006    Atlanta    USA