Diary for Daniel Tours America

Charleston, WV and Lexington, KY, on the way to Nashville, TN


Feeling fresh from the best night`s sleep in about a month I headed off from Beckley to Charleston, WV.  The town was nothing special but the scenery was great.  Rolling hills and large deciduous forests.  For once I actually felt I was getting good value from a toll road, as it was evident that a lot of blasting had to have been done to carve the cuttings deep into mountainsides.

I went to the Capitol, but I promised you no more gold domes.  You will see a photo of the Governor`s office, one day I hope to have such a grand doorway to my work area, even if it is a cubicle.


I drove to Lexington, Kentucky, which is famous for horse racing.  I headed straight for the Keeneland racetrack. I knew there was no meeting today - one six weeks per year - but I could still see the stables and track.  They were offering "simulcasting", a rather grand name for the mundane and well-known concept of showing a remote race and betting on it, even if you are not present at the track. I was surprised at just how many people were betting, drinking, and skiving work at 4pm on a weekday.  There were whole families of Mexicans... I hope this was not their source of income.

I had been to Kentucky already last year, but a brief trip to a motel on a layover at Cincinnati airport doesn`t really count.


I drove down to Tennessee, and luckily I re-entered the Central Timezone, meaning that I was not, after all, late to meet my surfing host.  It felt great to be back in a state that bordered Georgia, even though it`ll be a week and one or four (depending on my whims) states yet before I am back.


Western Virginia, all of West Virginina and eastern Kentucky share the same beautiful rolling hills.  I recommend the scenery, even if the cities are not quite world-class.