Diary for Daniel Tours America

Independence day - Buffalo, New York


In the morning Alexander, my host, and I went to a small National Park in Ohio called Cuyahoga Valley.  It was small enough to have been a state park elsewhere, but in Ohio I suppose that it`s a big feature. 


The park is very nice and its two main features are a series of ledges and a decent waterfall.  We visited both, and gawped at the families out for their Independence Day.  Just like in Piedmont Park at festival time, the African American families really know how to have a picnic. They don`t bring sandwiches and a blanket, they bring trays of chicken, rice and peas; tables and chairs and a marquee.  Sweet.

After I departed Cleveland I crossed Pennsylvania to New York.  I entered a deserted Buffalo, wolfed down my dinner, and headed to the town of Niagara Falls for the fireworks.  Each weekend in the summer, Canada puts on show as a gift to America.  The show was cool but very brief, I don`t think it was any different, on this big day, to an average summer day.  The display was certainly nothing in comparison to the Lenox show in Atlanta.

The falls we very cool to look at at night as they are illuminated with colour.  I deliberately looked only at the US falls and not the bigger Canadian falls, saving something for the next day.


On the way back to Buffalo I stopped at the bar in which the first Buffalo Wings (chicken wings friend in special sauce, a typical US bar snack served with celery and ranch dressing).  The wings I had at the Anchor Bar on Main Street were good, but had clearly been sitting under the lamp for a while as they were dry :S


My first paid night`s accommodation in several weeks resulting in a very disturbed night.