Diary for Daniel Tours America

Drive to Dallas, Waco


A day of travels. I drove from Austin to Dallas at my usual leisurely pace, stopping at one of those odd Czech towns for lunch. They seem to be scattered around the state, and contain nothing but Czech descendants and their typical businesses. Lunch was a series heavy Czech pastries.

I passed through Waco, a city made infamous by the seige by the ATF in the 1990s.  I wanted to see the ranch, and asked the tourist board for info.  The woman seemed reluctant to give me any details, wary of my intentions, and even tried to deter me.  However after some insistence she produced a ready-made print out of directions to the ranch.  Obvioulsy I`m not the only one to want to see it.  There was indeed nothing of note at Mount Carmel, aside from the fact that it now seems to be the home of yet another cult (Americans seem to like following buffoons, as we can see in their choice of President), called Stone Church Branch Lord of Righteousness (which upon further investigation is just the Davidians rebranded).   I did not enter the ranch - these nut jobs had a small arsenal last time.

Upon arrival in Dallas I went to the hostel and then went for a walk.  The many Mexican children playing in the park were pleasing to see:  they know how to let boys be boys.  They were playing with bikes, fishing rods, footballs, in the weir... very heathly, and to be encouraged.